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Shinykings Wash & Shine 66 Waterless Motorcycle Wash & Detailer

This is a Premium Product, Designed to Clean, Shine & Protect All Motorcycle Surfaces, Inside & Out.

Wash your motorcycle anywhere, anytime, without water!  Get an ultra shine with Shinykings Wash & Shine 66!


Wash & Shine 66 is an all-in-one product for all motorcycle surfaces.  As you know, your motorcycle can get dirty pretty quickly when you're out on the open road.  It can be a magnet for dust, dirt, grime and other elements of nature (including bird droppings).

With Shinykings' Wash & Shine 66 waterless motorcycle wash, you can easily clean, shine & protect your bike to make it sparkle just like new!  Wash & Shine 66 can be used on all areas of your bike:

  • Painted surfaces

  • Chrome

  • Plastic

  • Glass

  • Wheels

  • Leather seats & bags

  • Flat paint surfaces


It's easy!  Just follow this three step process:

Shinykings Wash & Shine 66 waterless motorcycle was & detailer application step 1

Shinykings Wash & Shine 66 waterless motorcycle wash & detailer application step 2

Shinykings Wash & Shine 66 waterless motorcycle wash & detailer application step 3


Before use, please ensure that the surface to be cleaned with Wash & Shine 66 is dry!  Also, do not use on hot surfaces.  Apply immediately, do not allow to dry on the surface.

In the case of extremely heavy soiling, a preliminary cleaning should be carried out.


  • Never dilute Wash & Shine 66 with water
  • Only use Wash & Shine 66 on dry surfaces
  • Do not use Wash & Shine 66 in direct sunlight
  • Always use clean & dust free microfiber cloths, like Shinykings' high fiber microfiber cloth
  • Never apply Wash & Shine 66 on brake or disc brake


$46.95 for two 16.9 oz. bottles & two microfiber towels!


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