Daniel Smart Manufacturing: sizing your motorcycle apparel

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Daniel Smart Manufacturing: sizing your motorcycle apparel

Author: Tay Jones, CEO of Twisty Rider LLC

Daniel Smart Mfg. makes good, high-quality motorcycle apparel.  So good, in fact, it’s the brand of gear we chose to specialize in at TwistyRider.com.  Not only is the quality great, the prices can’t be beat.  If you’re looking for quality gear at a decent, won’t “break the bank” kinda’ price, you can’t go wrong with the “Smart” choice.

So, you’ve made the decision to give Daniel Smart Mfg. a shot for your next motorcycle jacket, vest, etc.  Now what?  Well, let’s get you fitted with the right size so you can hit the road in style and be the best you on your bike.

Some of the sizing on Daniel Smart Mfg. products may differ from items you’ve previously owned.  The best way to get the right fit and to select the right size is by using the sizing charts available on our website, located at the bottom of the description pages for each item (figure 1 below), as well as an additional chart shown in the photos section of each product (figure 2 below).

Daniel Smart Mfg. sizing chart at bottom of product description.

*figure 1 (above)* 


Selecting more product photos to find sizing chart.

Viewing Daniel Smart Mfg. sizing chart from photos.

*figure 2 (above)*

Now that you’ve found the sizing chart for the apparel product you’d like to showcase on your awesome body, let’s size you up!

First, most of the Daniel Smart Mfg. products have different sizes depending on the product you’re choosing.  The unique sizes are based on original patterns, developed by the factory pattern master.  So, make sure you check the sizing charts of each item before placing your order – we’d hate for you to be uncomfortable out there while trying to enjoy the open road.

Second, take some simple measurements depending on the product you’d like to purchase.  For jackets and vests, the best indicators of fit will be the chest and waist (sometimes called “bottom”) measurements.


Finding your Chest Measurement:

Stand up straight and run a flexible tape measure (or a construction tape if that’s all you’ve got) around your chest at its widest point, under your arms.  Stay parallel with the floor during measuring.


Finding your Waist (or “Bottom”) Measurement:

Stand in a relaxed position while keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor and measure around your natural waistline.


Additional measurements that can be useful are the back length and sleeve length.  Pay attention to these measurements, especially if you are of taller stature and/or have longer arms.

If you’re looking to measure for leather motorcycle chaps, you’ll want to check the waist (above) and thigh measurements (below).  The length measurements shown for chaps give you the length of the product, but all styles come with unfinished hems so you can trim them to the correct size upon receipt.


Finding your Thigh Measurement:

While standing in a relaxed position, place a tape measure mid-thigh and wrap the tape around the entire thigh in a close-fitting manner.


Daniel Smart Mfg. gloves don’t have sizing charts, as the sizing isn’t as specific as it is for getting the right fit with other apparel.  When choosing your glove size, order your normal glove size.

When measuring, don’t forget that you’ll likely be wearing an apparel item over the top of other items.  If you commonly ride with your vest or jacket over the top of something, IE: a hooded sweatshirt, take your measurements with this in mind.

If you have any questions about picking your sizes, let us know!

Our goal is to get you on the road as soon as possible.  Let’s get you fitted so you can GET OUT THERE AND RIDE!


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