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United We Ride

Author: Tay Jones, CEO of Twisty Rider LLC

For a lot of us, these are confusing times.  Things are happening in America that are unprecedented.  Many people are being forced out of work by their local governments, which is creating, for some, a lasting effect on their lives, livelihoods and families.

I started riding motorcycles during a confusing time in my life.  It was a low point in my existence, and I didn’t have a lot, including money.  Shortly after I swung my leg over the saddle of my first motorcycle and began riding, I found clarity in the wind.  I found the freedom and peace of mind that only two wheels rolling down the pavement can provide.

Nothing about COVID-19 and what we are currently dealing with should hold you down.  If you are being told to shelter in place, maybe take shelter on a motorcycle instead.  Practice “social distancing” with your eyes on the road and your heart with those Americans who have lost so much in this trying time.  Let’s hit the open road and look forward into the future and what it will hold for all of us after this is over.  Let’s pray for those in need and do what we can to help, but don’t, for the love of God, let what’s being said on television dictate how you live your life.

There will be a tomorrow, I promise.  There will be a next week, I promise.  There will be a next year, I promise.  And, above all, you will find hope, today, in every corner of this great nation.  Hope is a valuable resource that we Americans can produce, live and share – I promise.

We are Americans.  We survive through adversity and this is the time to prove it.

Don’t let a virus kill your spirit.

Get out there and ride.  Unite with your brothers and sisters in the wind.  Give each other the wave, no matter what the other biker is riding.  Share your love for motorcycles with one another.  Look out for one another.  Unite in the common good.

United we ride!

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