Caring For Your Motorcycle Helmet

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Caring For Your Motorcycle Helmet

Author: Tay Jones, CEO of Twisty Rider LLC

If you’re going to cover that beautiful head of yours with a motorcycle helmet, the least you can do is keep the helmet looking good and in good condition.  This task is way easier than you may think – especially for road-going helmets – but a task often neglected.  Like this post, it just takes a minute to complete.

First off, if your helmet has ever been involved in a crash, don’t trust it to protect you a second time.  Motorcycle helmets are meant to take damage in a collision, so your head doesn’t have to.  Motorcycle crashes cause much more damage than just scratches on your helmet.  They affect the internal structure of the helmet, too.  A collision, even a relatively minor one (is that even a thing??), may permanently damage your helmet and render it ineffective for another spill.  Don’t blame the helmet – it’s just doing its job!

Daytona Helmets, the manufacturer of the motorcycle helmets we carry at, recommends contacting them directly if your helmet takes a blow or receives any damage.  On top of that, Daytona Helmets recommends you destroy the helmet, or straight up replace it.  I don’t know about you, but if I lay my bike down, or worse, get hit by a vehicle and survive after taking one to the head, I’ll happily retire my helmet – and maybe even frame the damn thing – and gladly get another one.  You buy motorcycle helmets for a reason – don’t be cheap and press your luck!

If your motorcycle helmet is looking a little tired and hasn’t hit the asphalt, maybe it just needs a bath.  We all need one occasionally, so I’m told.  Just like when you take your own bath (at least for normal people…), NEVER use solvents or chemicals on your helmet.  Simply use mild soap and warm water, wiping the helmet down with a soft cloth (microfiber towels work great for this) so you don’t add any scratches of your own.  You should also use this technique to clean your face shield.

For non-conventional helmets, like the Daytona Helmets leather covered skull cap, use any basic leather conditioner to keep it good as new.  We carry Cycle Care Formula 4 leather conditioner, which is perfect for the job and will help keep your leather-clad investment rockin’ and rollin’ long into the future.

If you think your helmet is too far gone and are thinking of replacing it, check out our collection of Daytona Helmets.  I promise, you’ll be looking good in no time – and looking good on your bike (not gonna lie…) is partially what it’s all about.


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