Caring for Your Leather Motorcycle Gear

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Caring for Your Leather Motorcycle Gear

Author: Tay Jones, CEO of Twisty Rider LLC

You buy leather motorcycle gear for a reason.  Whatever that reason is – looks, durability, slide protection, etc. – you want to keep your gear in great shape. is here to help!

According to Daniel Smart Mfg., with proper care using the tips below, your leather motorcycle gear will maintain its beauty and quality for years to come.  Daniel Smart Mfg. is a large manufacturer of high-quality motorcycle apparel, whose genuine leather garments have a unique look that’s achieved through special tanning of choice skins for softness, luster and durability – so they know what they’re talking about!

Top tips for caring for your leather motorcycle gear:

  • When dirty, use a damp cloth to remove dirt from the surface of the leather
  • If the leather is wet, let it dry at room temperature
  • Do not store your leather gear in plastic bags
  • Only allow professionals to clean your gear with leather dry-cleaning methods


Pretty easy!  Follow these tips and, who knows, maybe you’ll be passing your leather gear down to the next generation of Twisty Riders in your family.

Take care of your leather motorcycle gear and it will take care of you – GET OUT THERE AND RIDE!

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